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POPITOOLS is a fast and cost-effective toolset for determining your PoPI compliance requirements. It allows assessment of key systems and workflows within an organisation, covering the crucial areas of the PoPI Act, allowing you to determine the current shortfall you may have.

Any organisation that collects, processes or stores personal information is required to be PoPI Compliant.

What constitutes personal information?

Identity And/or Passport Number

Identity and/or passport number

Date Of Birth And Age

Date of birth and age

Phone Number/s

Phone number/s

Email Address/es

Email address/es

Online / Instant Messaging Identifier

Online / Instant messaging identifier

Physical Address

Physical address

Gender, Race And Ethnic Origin

Gender, Race and Ethnic origin

Photos, Voice Recordings, Video Footage (incl. CCTV), Biometric Data

Photos, voice recordings, video footage (incl. CCTV), Biometric data

Marital / Relationship Status & Family Relations

Marital / Relationship status & family relations

Criminal Record

Criminal Record

Private Correspondence

Private Correspondence

Religious / Philosophical Beliefs & Political Opinions

Religious / philosophical beliefs & political opinions

Employment History And Salary Information

Employment history and salary information

Financial Information

Financial information

Educational Information

Educational information

Physical / Mental Health Info, Medical History, Blood Type, Details On Your Sex Life

Physical / mental health info, medical history, blood type, details on your sex life

Membership To Organisations / Unions

Membership to organisations / unions

Owned Properties (e.g. Vehicle VIN No.)

Owned Properties (e.g. Vehicle VIN no.)

Information On Minors

Information on Minors

Digital Footprint (e.g. IP Addresses, Cookies)

Digital footprint (e.g. IP addresses, cookies)

Where might I collect this information?

Most companies utilise more than one system to run their organisation.
Examples of where an organisation might collect personal information include (but is not limited to):

Microsoft 365, G-Suite, E-Mail, Accounting Systems, Insurance Management Systems, CRM Systems, Business Intelligence Systems, Supplier Management Systems, Costing Systems, Procurement Systems, Internal Applications, Access Control / Biometrics, Sign-In Registers, Websites.


“Based on our experience with another POPI product, which we found extremely long winded and cumbersome, by contrast, we have found your product to be concise, efficient and easy to understand whist still delivering the necessary compliance required in terms of POPIA.
Congratulations on an excellent product and thank you so much. It is sincerely appreciated.”

Gregg Mc Alpine, Director
Alpine Property

“Bravecraft selected POPITools to help assess customer environments for compliance with Data Privacy Legislation, Regulatory Standards, Enterprise Policies and Best Practice norms for our entire customer portfolio. It works and produces actionable results.”

Pieter van Niekerk, CEO
BraveCraft (PTY) Ltd.

“On behalf of iOCO Advisory / EOH Consulting I would like to thank you all your support on our POPIA and GDPR projects. POPITools has been a central component of our go-to-market approach and numerous clients have benefitted from the use of the tool. Key to the success of POPITools has been its stability, ease of access, responsiveness, ability to perform quick updates and scalability.”

Anthony Smith, Principal Consultant

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